• Mary Ruefle


  • She loved dandelions
  • but hated the circus.
  • She wanted to know where eggs
  • came from, really came from,
  • where came the body of the body
  • of the body they came from.
  • And when her heart made
  • that sad little oboe note
  • she wanted to know where
  • the mind came from,
  • and was as answerless
  • as if she sat in the middle
  • of a beginningless river.
  • The beginning of the universe
  • reminded her of the time
  • the toy factory blew up
  • and she found a little clown
  • on the shore, and then another,
  • until she was determined to find
  • them all, the whole shebang,
  • though she never did, and night
  • fell over the ocean, and eye-popping
  • children of all ages slept in a sleep
  • brimming with irresistible attractions,
  • giving them a taste of what
  • awaited them when they woke,
  • though it was nothing compared
  • to the massive arrays of adulthood.

MARY RUEFLE is the author of My Private Property (Wave Books). Her book of essays, Madness, Rack, and Honey, was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism, and her Selected Poems won the William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America. She lives in Bennington, Vermont.

Issue Three
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